Smile makeovers with CEREC at a dentist in Molesey

Smile makeovers with CEREC at a dentist in Molesey

Breaking a tooth is often an unfortunate accident which is usually quite unavoidable and can thus be massively inconvenient for the person it happens to and we all know that these kinds of things happen at the worst possible time. Which is why at Smilessence, we understand that what you need from a dentist in Molesey is a quick solution and you need it right now, not next week or after 2 appointments, but with all due haste. Fixing broken teeth is what CEREC does best and having been the first dentist in the UK to employ this technology in our practice, our experience with creating new crowns, veneers, onlays, and inlays is second to none.

What is CEREC?

This is an in house fabrication system that can create your new tooth while you wait, which means that it cuts out the need to have a lab create your crown and send it back to the dentist after 1 week and instead you simply get your tooth fixed in the same appointment. It really is that easy at our dentist in Molesey.

How does it work?

If you have a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, our dentist will inspect it and numb the area that needs to be worked on, once you no longer have any sensation in that area our dentist will prepare the tooth by filing away all sharp edges and correctly shaping it for the crown, veneer, or onlay to be fitted to it. Once the tooth is prepared it is time for the first part of the amazing CEREC technology to be used; the digital scan.

We will scan the broken tooth with a wand or pen-like instrument, this scan will be imported into a CAD file on a computer so that a 3D digital model can be created. A clever computer program will generate an image of how the tooth should look by building up the missing areas on the digital model, once this is done, the system moves on to the next step; carving.

A machine will take a solid block of dental porcelain or dental composite resin and carve the new shape that is required to be fitted on to the tooth, this is all done by computers and will be an exact fit down to the last micrometre. Once the shape of the crown or onlay has finished being carved it will be sprayed with stains and glazes, which not only make it stain and plaque resistant, but allow it to perfectly match your other teeth in colour too. Which means the bit of false tooth will look as natural and real as the original tooth before breaking.

The best part

All this amazing work is done in a single visit while you sit in the chair, which eliminates the need for temporary crowns or restorations and long waiting periods, which means you can get back to the important things in life after a single afternoon of treatment at a dentist in Molesey.

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