Could you be getting more from your dentist in Molesey?

Could you be getting more from your dentist in Molesey?

Who we are

Here at Smilessence, we are a dentist in Molesey who isn’t happy until you are. Every procedure which we provide to our patients aims to help them reach the full potential of their smile and boost their self-confidence. We offer both cosmetic and preventative dentistry procedures to our patients, and cater everything we do to meet their individual requirements. Rather than simply provide a universal, one-size solution to all our patients (as too many dental practices already do) we believe that dentistry is something which ought to be moulded to fit each individual patient and their own unique set of needs, wants and requirements.

What are my options?

Nowadays, many of us live hectic lives and rarely have the time to make several repeated visits to the dental chair. Young, busy professionals are therefore often dissuaded from seeking out the appropriate procedure that they require, as they do not have the time to set aside for treatment. However, for those who require dental crowns, veneers or onlays, but do not have the time to make numerous return visits to the dental chair – here at Smilessence we are a dentist in Molesey who offers CEREC. This is a specialised, cutting-edge dental machine which has the ability to make onlays, inlays, crowns and dental veneers – all whilst the patient is still sitting in the dentist chair. CEREC restorations are crafted from high-quality porcelain and done so in a matter of minutes rather than days. Additionally, CEREC restorations are stronger than lab-made restorations as they are made from solid porcelain rather than layered porcelain. The main appeal to the CEREC system is that patients can have their crowns or veneers crafted in just one visit, rather than several.

How does CEREC work?

The process of receiving a CEREC implant or veneer from our dentist in Molesey typically begins with one of our veneer specialist dental practitioners examining the affected tooth or teeth within our practice at Smilessence. The dentist will then use a specialised dental camera to comprehensively document the shapes and curves within the interior of the patient’s teeth. These images are then used to create a digital rendering of the new tooth which will be formed to fit over the patient’s existing tooth or teeth. This 3D rendering of the new tooth will then appear on the cosmetic dental expert’s monitor, which can then be examined and looked over by the patient. Once the new tooth has been approved by the patient, it will then be sent to the on-site machine which begins to craft the new tooth out of a thick layer of high-quality dental porcelain. After as short a time as just twenty minutes, the new crown, veneer or onlay will then be fully formed and can then be bonded to the front of the patient’s existing teeth through the use of a permanent dental bonding agent. Prior to bonding a newly formed veneer, crown or onlay the patient’s existing tooth structure must typically be etched slightly to ensure that the crown or veneer will bond with the existing tooth permanently. After the crown, veneer or inlay has been bonded the entire process will be completed in just a matter or hours, and the patient can begin enjoying their renewed smile.

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