Let an expert dentist in East Molesey get your smile back in shape

Let an expert dentist in East Molesey get your smile back in shape

Giving you the full picture

Here at Smilessence, we love seeing our efforts and hard work paying off on the faces of our happy and rejuvenated patients who have sought out their treatments from us.

We are a dentist in East Molesey that has always put the needs of every patient at the very core of our practice and endeavour to offer our patients the absolute best in cosmetic, preventive and restorative dentistry.

One of the most rewarding products which we offer is the dental implant. These devices can completely restore the lost functionality of a smile as well as the aesthetics and often leave patients with a massively renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem.

What are dental implants?

If you have lost an adult tooth at any point in your life, no matter how long ago, and have an untreated space within your mouth, then you should speak with our expert dentist in East Molesey about dental implants.

Commonly, when someone loses a tooth, they often choose cheaper alternative treatments to dental implants such as dentures, bridges or crowns. While these treatments may seem convenient from a financial perspective at the time of the loss, they are not permanent solutions and therefore will require further treatment throughout your life, which often ends up costing more than a long-term solution like dental implants.

Dental implants are a restorative procedure that we regularly provide to patients. Rather than solving the problem of a lost tooth at a purely surface level, dental implants provide a more permanent solution by being surgically fixed into the patient’s jaw. This means that the implant will both look and feel almost completely identical to a natural tooth.

What is the process of getting dental implants?

If you are interested in finding out if our dentist in East Molesey could help bring back the functionality of your smile through dental implants, the first thing to do is book a consultation with one of our in-house specialists. This way we can establish whether or not your gums are healthy enough for the implant procedure to be successful, as well as give us the perfect chance to explain the whole implant process and what to expect.

Providing that your gums and teeth are fit enough, our practitioner can then book you in for dental implant installation. This is a two-stage procedure, a hole is made surgically into the patient’s gum, within the gap where the implant is to be fixed. Our dentist will then place a specialist titanium-alloy tooth socket into this hole, before resealing it and allowing it time to heal.

It is during the brief healing period which follows that the titanium alloy inside the socket and the bone tissue within your jaw fuse themselves together – allowing for the socket to be utilised as a sturdy anchor point to attach a prosthetic to.

Dental implants have the potential to completely transform a patient’s smile – both in a visual sense and in regard to how often they use it. If you are considering implants, or would just like to discuss them further with an expert, then give us a call here at Smilessence today.

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