Easy teeth straightening at a dentist in Molesey

Easy teeth straightening at a dentist in Molesey

Straightening your teeth, even as an adult, has never been easier than with the new technologies on offer at Smileesence. At your local dentist in Molesey, and with three different types of options available, you are spoiled for choice so call in for a consultation to find out which option best suits your treatment needs as well as your lifestyle and let us get you on the road to a perfect and pretty smile.


Different people have different needs, and we aren’t just talking about your orthodontic needs. If the thought of having braces fixed to your teeth is an absolute deal-breaker, never fear, your dentist in Molesey is here to ensure that your orthodontic treatment and your lifestyle all fit together nicely:

Invisalign – By far the most popular new treatment all over the world because of how invisible it is when worn, people far and wide have seen stunning results thanks to these clear aligners and getting them custom made for you is as simple as 3D printing. We take a digital scan of your mouth then send that information off to a lab who uses a computer to determine how your teeth will straighten over time. Once this is determined a set of clear aligners are printed for you to custom fit your teeth so that they can be gently pushed into place.

Each aligner follows the last and you will need to change them every 1-2 weeks at home in order to see the treatment through. It’s as easy as that because they are removable. They make eating your favorite foods and cleaning your teeth very easy as well as allowing you to partake in sporting activities without worrying about cutting your cheeks open.

Inman Aligner – This is perfect if just your front 6 teeth need to be aligned and works especially well for those whose teeth jut forward, and the best part is that it can work in about a month, making it the quickest orthodontic treatment out there. A bracket with a wire is fitted to the arch of the front teeth and it pulls and pushes them into place at the same time. While the wire is more noticeable than a clear aligner, you won’t be wearing it for long and then a simple-to-use retainer is worn at night to keep your teeth in place.

Six-Month-Smiles – For clear braces at your dentist in Molesey, Six-Month-Smiles are your go-to for straightening complicated misalignments and malocclusions quickly and with a little more discretion than traditional braces. Although they work along the same lines as braces do, the bracket that is fitted to the tooth is clear and not metal and the thin wire that is joined to them creates just the right amount of tension to move the teeth into the correct position in 6 months, leaving you with a straight and beautiful smile.

The benefits of straighter teeth

Crooked teeth, particularly those that are overcrowded are difficult to brush and floss effectively which leaves them open to plaque buildup and infection. With straighter teeth that are easier to clean however this risk is much lower and therefore you can enjoy better oral health in the long run.

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