Dental implants and what our dentist in Molesey thinks

Dental implants and what our dentist in Molesey thinks

Tooth loss is very traumatic, there are lots of connotations associated with tooth loss, ones we don’t even necessarily realise we are thinking about until it happens to us. Bad oral health and old age are two of the main things associated with losing teeth and neither of these are things we want to be boasting about to others. So what happens when you lose a tooth? And what can be done to replace it? Here’s what our dentist in Molesey thinks about dental implants.

Why do we lose teeth?

For the most part tooth loss happens due to decay or gum disease, both of which are usually a result of bad bacteria building up over the years. This happens to most people and most people will at some point experience some level of decay and or gum disease. But it’s when either of these get out of hand that they develop into tooth loss.

Of course there are other less common reasons for tooth loss, which is why it’s extremely important to consult with both your doctor and dentist in Molesey if you do randomly lose a tooth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a fantastic patient-friendly way of replacing lost teeth. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement they have the potential to last a lifetime when correctly cared for. As dental implants are actually inserted into the jawbone, they actively help stimulate the bone and guard against further bone deterioration and loss.

How are dental implants fitted?

Dental implants work on a screw system and are made from titanium. The screw itself is drilled into the jawbone and then once the area has healed it is completed with the fitting of a crown (false tooth). The tooth itself will be designed and made to look and feel just like your natural teeth, so it should fit into your lifestyle without you needing to adapt too much.


How long recovery takes after dental implant surgery very much depends on the complexity of the individual case. If the patient has undergone a bone graft then it will of course take longer than if they hadn’t. Just as if they have had multiple teeth replaced it will take longer for them to recover.

Then of course it’s also down to how well the patient takes care of themselves post surgery. Making sure they give themselves enough time to properly rest and recover and follow all the instructions set out by our dentist in Molesey.

The benefits

The most important thing with dental implants is that they adapt well into your life. They are amazing for giving better comprehensive replacement and giving patients back their life as it was before any tooth loss. There are no daily reminders of the loss from having to remove false teeth to sleep and clean, and there’s no chance of them slipping when you are talking.

If you would like to talk more about having dental implants fitted then please do get in contact with one of the team at Smilessence with any queries or questions you have.

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