Understanding the need to visit a dentist in Molesey

Understanding the need to visit a dentist in Molesey

Our teeth are a set of essential tools that we need to use every day and allow us to lead a healthy and fulfilled life, making this part of the human body a priority when it comes to our health care needs is very important. We all must apply strong importance to practising oral hygiene routines that are designed to clean our teeth and prolong their lifespan. Brushing and flossing are simple things we can do that will maintain a high standard of oral hygiene and protect our teeth.

Observing good practices within our daily oral hygiene routine is a good way to minimise any negative effect upon our teeth and gums from things such as plaque build-up, tooth decay, and gum disease, but there are times when we may need a dentist to deal with any issues that may develop.

At Smilessence we see ourselves as the leading dentist in Molesey when it comes to offering dentistry services for you and your family to benefit from. Our goal is to have clients engage with check-ups regularly, as this helps to prevent the need for invasive treatments.

Regular check-ups are a must

One of the main reasons for regular check-ups is to allow for early detection of dental issues as they begin to happen, this then leads to the ability to apply a treatment that should stop any issue you may have, turning into a severe one. We are a dentist in Molesey, who understands the need for early intervention and the impact this may have on our client’s oral health in the long term.

At your check-up, we can monitor the health of each tooth, as well as monitor the health of the gums. These check-ups also create the time we may need to discuss any issues you have been experiencing, as we will always need your input to be able to understand your individual treatment needs.

You should also see your check-ups as your chance to ask questions of your dentist, as you need to feel you have a full understanding of any treatment you may be about to receive. The more information we can collect from you about your teeth, the better placed we will be to create a dental and treatment plan for you that matches your needs.

For you and your family

If you are looking for a dental practice that can care for you and your family, then look no further. We have a good history of providing dental care to entire families, giving extra attention, and understanding to the needs of your children, as we know you want them to grow up with strong and healthy teeth.

Our staff will show your children total respect and care during treatment. The aim here is to find the perfect way to get a child to engage with oral hygiene and to help them to understand the importance of brushing their teeth daily. We may also recommend activities that the whole family can take part in that will encourage children to brush their teeth.

Contact the family dentist

If you are looking for a family dentist in Molesey then we would like you to think of contacting Smilessence to see what we can offer.

Our team of award-winning dental surgeons provide both general and cosmetic dental services at our stunning, modern surgery in East Molesey Surrey.

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