Looking for a dentist in Molesey who can work for YOU?

Looking for a dentist in Molesey who can work for YOU?

Individually tailored care

At Smileesence, part of what makes us a dentist in Molesey who is a cut above the rest, is our continued and increasing incorporation of some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. By being at the forefront of the technological age, we have been able to provide each of our patients with a level of detailed dentistry which was previously unattainable. These technological advancements, coupled with the dedication and devotion which each of our friendly, professional dental practitioners share for their craft, sets us apart as a dentist in Molesey who truly can offer their patients a level of dental care like no other.

What can I expect from treatment at Smileesence?

At Smileesence, before any actual treatment is carried out, we believe that it is important that patients familiarise themselves with the process which they are carrying out and that they have been fully informed about their various options which are available to them and why the procedure they have chosen is best suited to their needs. This is established through a friendly consultation period which we carry out before beginning any treatment as this lets the patient ask us any questions that they may have about the procedures we provide.

Following the initial consultation between one of our practitioners and the patient – during which they discuss the patient’s needs and wants and offer dental solutions – it is essential that an assessment of the patient’s dental wellbeing is determined. This is done through an examination process and is essential as the patient’s gums must be healthy and show no signs of periodontal disease (gum disease) if the patient wishes to carry out certain procedures such as dental implants.

CERC treatment

For patients who do not necessarily have an ample amount of free time to make numerous returning visits to our practice, we are a dentist in Molesey who has a perfect solution. Through state of the art CERC treatment, patients can have veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays crafted and installed in just one single visit to our practice. Our CERC machine crafts dentures from compressed porcelain, which is far stronger than factory crafted veneers which are commonly made from layered veneers.

Commonly, the creation of unique veneers or onlays would be a lengthy process and typically require the patient to make at least two return visits. Through CERC however, sturdy veneers can be crafted in minutes and installed the same day – saving patients a great deal of time and discomfort.

What is the CERC treatment process?

Before undergoing CERC treatment, one of our professional practitioners will make an initial assessment of the affected tooth – which is either chipped, broken or decayed – and determine the level of treatment that is necessary. The practitioner will then create a three-dimensional rendering of the new tooth which the patient will have installed, through the use of cutting-edge dental design software.

This allows for a customised nature of the treatment, as every denture will be crafted in front of the patient. After the tooth has been designed, it is then sent digitally to the CERC machine which begins to craft it from compressed porcelain. After just 20 minutes or so, the dentist can begin bonding the denture onto the patient’s teeth, and they can walk out of the practice with a full, healthy-looking, renewed smile.

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