Replacing your missing teeth with our dentist

Replacing your missing teeth with our dentist

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth then you will know just how unpleasant an experience tooth loss can be, you will also understand the lasting impact this type of loss can have upon your mouth and the changes you may decide to make in the way you use it daily.

It should be made clear that while many people believe the largest contribution to tooth loss cases among adults living in the United Kingdom is poor oral hygiene, this is not the case as there are more cases of tooth loss caused by being involved in an accident. Traffic accidents, incidents in the home and on the playing field that cause an impact to your jaw or mouth can lead to you suffering some kind of permanent tooth loss that you may regret.

Soon you may start to investigate the devices that are available on the dental market that help you to regain the feeling of still having your missing teeth. Often this will bring you into contact with bridges or dentures that are associated with total tooth loss. However, there may be another solution that you may wish to consider that is available at our dentist in Molesey.

At Smilessence we know that patients who have lost teeth start to want to find a way to permanently reverse the loss with something that is fixed in place and feels natural, this can be achieved with the use of dental implants. They give patients a hard-wearing way to replace their lost teeth that should last an entire lifetime, and could be the solution you are looking for.

You new teeth will able to cope with the rigours of life

Our team of award-winning dental surgeons provide both general and cosmetic dental services and as a dentist in Molesey who has been helping patients replace their missing teeth for some time, we know that you ideally want a replacement that is tough enough to cope with the rigours and hazards of being used throughout your daily life. We believe that implants are strong enough to cope with daily use and will feel completely natural once inserted into your mouth.

The process of replacing a tooth in your mouth is straightforward to understand and can be easily adapted to replace multiple teeth, you should consult the professional involved in your tooth replacement treatment to gain details of replacing multiple teeth.

First, a screw made from the metal titanium will need to be inserted into your jawbone with the top protruding slightly above the gum line, this will help to create a strong base for your new replacement tooth to be attached to. The replacement tooth is made from a ceramic crown that will be shaped and coloured to fit in with any teeth surrounding it, as we do not want your new tooth to just feel natural to you, we also want it to look as natural as possible.

You will be able to use your new tooth a short time after treatment, and you will be given advice about this.

No need to live with missing teeth

There is no need for you to continue to live with missing teeth when you can contact our dentist in Molesey to find out more about the benefits of dental implants, call our practice to book an appointment for a consultation around tooth replacement therapy.

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