Dentistry for children at our dentist in Molesey

Dentistry for children at our dentist in Molesey

As a parent, finding the right dental clinic for your children’s dental health can be extremely tough. At our dental clinic within Molesey we strongly believe that positive dental habits taught at a young age (such as brushing for two minutes, twice daily) can make a positive impact on your adult oral health. If you are a parent and looking for an experienced team of dental healthcare professionals to look after your children’s teeth, then look no further!

Did you know?

Children who regularly attend their bi-annual check-ups (suggested by our dental healthcare professionals every six months) have a much higher chance of being decay free by the age of fifteen! This is why it is so vital to teach children a thorough dental hygiene routine at an early age (including brushing, flossing, and avoiding the consumption of highly sugary food and drink).

How can our dentist in Molesey help keep your children’s smile healthy?

At our Smilessence clinic within Molesey our dental team (led by Dr Karen Gangotra) strives to educate our younger patients on the importance of their dental health. Our team aims to not only inform our patients of the correlation between their teeth and their health, but to also help them maintain these positive habits at home.

Our ethos

At our dentist in Molesey we promote the belief that prevention is always better than the cure. Our team strives to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth, in addition to reducing the chances that our younger patients develop oral diseases and infections. Our skilled dental healthcare professionals aim to inform both our younger patients and their parents on the correct way to brush and floss, as well as aiding them with the necessary skills to prevent the onset of gum disease.

For those who are feeling nervous…

Many of our younger patients (in addition to our adult patients!) may be experiencing anxiety during a visit to their local clinic. However, we strive to ease our patients’ concerns.

What causes dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety can be caused by a wide array of factors; for children it is extremely common and may simply be caused by a new scary environment. For adults however it can be triggered by negative childhood experiences (which can unfortunately develop into a more serious dental phobia). This is why it is so important for our team to make your children’s dental experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

What can we do to help?

Dr Karen Gangotra is an excellent asset to our dental team within Molesey, and has many years of experience working with patients who are nervous. We believe Karen’s friendly (and therefore comforting) dental approach can make a huge difference to our most nervous patients.

Did you know?

Karen has a 100% success rate working with nervous patients at our clinic! We believe this is something to be proud of, which is why we also take our positive dental work outside of the surgery.

Informing those who need it most

Karen (along with several other members of our team) frequently visits schools and education centres within the local and surrounding area, informing them on the best ways to keep their dental hygiene up to scratch!

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