Benefits of professional teeth whitening at the dentist

Benefits of professional teeth whitening at the dentist

Our dentist in Molesey at Smilessence is well-experienced and suitably qualified to carry out a diverse range of aesthetic-focused treatments like in-clinic teeth whitening to help your teeth look its best. It is no longer a deniable fact that a pleasing dental appearance plays a crucial role in you making a positive first impression on others. And whether it is an unfortunate set of genes, poor oral health, bad luck or bad lifestyle habits, there will come a time when a patient finds themselves unhappy with the look of their smiles.

It is at such a time that the patient will then consider cosmetic dentistry – a branch of dentistry dedicated to correcting teeth imperfections (stained teeth, crooked teeth, broken teeth and missing teeth) through a variety of treatments and procedures.

Only a dentist in Molesey with the relevant set of qualifications and experience in the treatment or procedure the patient is after should be entrusted to provide the service. This is so that the patient can benefit from a pleasing experience and achieve the best possible aesthetic results.

When it comes to teeth whitening, a patient can either choose the do-it-yourself route by purchasing over-the-counter products to whiten their teeth at home or visit a dental clinic to have their teeth professionally whitened. When the aesthetic quality of results matter (a bright smile has a direct impact on how well you engage with others), the DIY route may not be the best option, however convenient it is. Here are a few good reasons why we would encourage patients to visit our dentist in Molesey instead for reliable, effective and pleasing teeth whitening.

Plus points of professional teeth whitening at the dentist

Speed of results

The professional route is an ideal option for patients wanting results in a quicker time frame. A professional dental practitioner is able to achieve the whitening effect quicker because of the concentration of active whitening ingredients that are allowed to be used in a clinical setting. When used incorrectly at home, the use of these ingredients can pose a danger to the patient.


Depending on the severity of discolouration, it can be a gamble trusting a DIY teeth whitening kit to do a proper job. Almost always it depends on the proficiencies of a dental practitioner to achieve the brightening effect on stubborn stained teeth. Another risk is that teeth whitening at home may leave an uneven whitening effect with some teeth looking brighter than others. Our dental practitioner who has carried out the procedure countless times, will know how to circumvent this problem and give patients an evenly balanced bright smile they are ever ready to show off.


It can happen that some patients may find the teeth whitening process uncomfortable when teeth become extra sensitive. Once a dental practitioner is made aware of the patient’s discomfort, he can make appropriate adjustments to the time that teeth are exposed to the bleaching ingredients.

Why subject your teeth and the investment in your smile to one-size-fits-all products that may not give you the results you want when you can have your teeth brightened with our reliable bespoke teeth whitening treatments available at Smilessence and attain genuine pleasing results.

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