What’s the hype about CEREC dental restoration?

What’s the hype about CEREC dental restoration?

Are your teeth damaged or decaying? Dental problems such as cracks, chips and cavities can be repaired quickly with CEREC tooth solutions.

Smilessence now offers this groundbreaking treatment to our members of the community, a massive time saver for those who don’t want to spend hours at the dentist in Molesey. Thanks to the advanced technology used, these procedures are dubbed as ‘same-day services’.

What is CEREC?

Most people understand that CEREC uses top-of-the-line technology, designing custom-fabricated porcelain for dental repairs. However, few individuals know the finer details.

CEREC is an acronym which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics which is a mouthful that you’ll have a hard time remembering.

What you need to know is CEREC systems use machines comprising cameras, computers and milling instruments all rolled into one. Using CEREC, tooth restorations are becoming more superior and efficient than traditional routes.

How does CEREC work?

CEREC takes digital impressions of the tooth or teeth, with detailed visual representations of affected pearly whites appearing on screens.

With this information on hand, our dentist in Molesey can design a tooth while you wait, meaning that at the end of your appointment, you’ll walk out of our offices with a desirable smile and problem-free mouth.

What are some of the advantages of CEREC?

The most notable benefit of CEREC is how fast the process is. You’ll only need to attend a single session at the dentist, without immediate follow-ups. After your appointment, you’ll regain confidence in your smile with your dental problem fully repaired.

Because the work is done inside the clinic and not sent to a laboratory, outsourcing costs are significantly reduced, which is excellent news for our budget-conscious clients.

The technology is used to produce crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. Therefore, CEREC offers a wide range of uses for minor dental issues and imperfections.

Beyond the convenience of same-day services, you’ll find your new tooth piece well made and customised to the shape of your mouth. Not only does it feel comfortable, but it will serve you well for years to come.

The compressed porcelain that’s used to make your new attachment is secure and will, therefore, stand the test of time. The prosthesis looks natural and is highly durable, meaning you can eat the foods you like without cracking the porcelain.

Another trump card of CEREC is stamping out the need for moulds as digital impressions are made. If the thought of having bad tasting goop in your mouth fills you with dread about visiting our dentist in Molesey, this technology will benefit you greatly. At the same time, digital impressions are far more precise, unlike traditional moulds that often require unpleasant re-dos.

Are you worried about compromising the rest of your natural tooth? There’s no need to be. This tooth restoration is minimally invasive, ensuring that your pearly white remains intact.

Is CEREC for me?

If you’re a nervous patient who wants to limit their time at the dentist, this could be the solution for you, bearing in mind that CEREC costs more, but offers multiple benefits.

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