Teeth straightening at a dentist in Molesey

Teeth straightening at a dentist in Molesey

When it comes to orthodontics, like most things in life, at Smilessence we know that you want options, no one likes to be dictated to and told that there is only one way to get a thing done and we have applied this knowledge when presenting you with options to straighten your teeth at our dentist in Molesey. We have something for everyone, from super discreet to very quick or something in between, there is a system of braces that will suit your wallet as well as your lifestyle no matter how active, hectic or professional it may be. In this article, we will present you with 3 innovative options for your orthodontic care so that you may come into a consultation understanding exactly what is available to you and to prepare any questions you might have.

Why adults fix their smiles

Not everyone had the opportunity when they were younger to get their teeth straightened which is why the demand for adult orthodontics has grown so much over the years. Many adults are looking to improve their appearance, as a generation having grown up on social media calls for higher expectations of beauty and health standards. Not only this but having straight teeth may help present a professional image in the workplace, as psychological studies suggest that the teeth play a massive role in the first impressions made on new people. People with straight, white teeth are perceived to be healthier and more successful than those with crooked, stained teeth. We understand how delicate the issue of self-image is for many people and our dentist in Molesey has options for you to improve your smile:

Options for braces and teeth straightening


This is the most revolutionary treatment available on the orthodontics market and with around 8 million smiles treated with Invisalign all over the world, the results are impressive. This treatment uses clear aligners which are practically invisible when worn which is the biggest draw for many adults who would prefer to keep their orthodontic treatment discreet. With the care being left in your own hands as you receive new packs of aligners each month, it gives many people the freedom to live their busy lives without constant checkups at the dentist in Molesey.

Inman Aligner

This is probably the fastest orthodontic treatment available, while Invisalign  treatment can be completed in just a few short months, the Inman Aligner system can give results in a few short weeks, thanks to the action of the appliance which pushes and pulls your teeth into position at the same time, thus halving treatment times. However, this system is not as discreet as Invisalign as a thin wire will need to be placed over the front of the teeth for it to work. But like Invisalign, this appliance is also removable if absolutely necessary for short periods of time.

Six Month Smiles

This is our clear braces option which can be a little gentler on the wallet than our other systems, although slightly more cumbersome than the two mentioned above. Six Month Smiles can treat any orthodontic issue no matter how severe it is, even where other systems would fail. The use of tooth-coloured brackets and wires make these braces more discreet than their metal counterparts though not entirely invisible.

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