Let our award-winning dentist in Molesey transform your smile

Let our award-winning dentist in Molesey transform your smile

When you visit our dentist in Molesey here at Smilessence, you can feel confident in knowing that our goal is to ensure you receive the utmost care. Your oral health is our priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the attention and care you deserve.

Our Surrey-based practice offers everything from dental implants and braces to teeth-whitening services and general dental hygiene. Why not book an appointment today with our dentist in Molesey and allow us to take care of your oral health and wellbeing?

Why take care of your teeth?

It’s so important that you take proper care of your teeth as neglecting this may affect your overall health and wellbeing, and you may even find yourself at risk of developing serious oral diseases or infections such as cavities or gingivitis.

You may also find that you suffer from bad breath, which may negatively impact your social life and self-confidence. We at Smilessence are on hand to assist with your oral health issues and confidently restore your smile.

Are you considering dental implants?

Our dentist in Molesey is also available to customise your dental implant plan. They offer a discreet solution to those that are experiencing problems with dentures or have missing teeth they would like replaced. Dental implants are most often used when a patient is missing a tooth either at the front or back of their mouth. It is also a great fit for patients who have dentures that need stabilising or replacing. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the process is safe and quite comfortable.

This treatment plan is great for those who are unable to eat their favourite foods or have an active social life due to impaired self-confidence. If you are feeling self-conscious about your smile, dental implants may be a suitable solution for you. Allow us at Smilessence to upgrade your smile and be a part of your dental journey.

If you have any concerns about the procedure itself, you can feel secure in the knowledge that it is clinically proven to be safe and works well as a long-term solution plan.

Enjoy the benefits of having artificial teeth fitted

If you’re considering having dental implants at our dentist in Molesey, it will enable you to snack on some of your favourite foods and enjoy dining out with friends. Another advantage is that your smile will be transformed, and this will help to boost your self-confidence.

Viable candidates

The great news is that more often than not, patients are accepted as being suitable candidates for having artificial teeth fitted. Another advantage is that your age will not play a factor in having dental implants since the main requirement is to have generally good oral hygiene and healthy gums, and it helps if you are not an avid smoker. On your next visit to our dental practice, we would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and we can create a personalised treatment plan just for you.

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