How the dentist in Molesey can make the smile great again

How the dentist in Molesey can make the smile great again

Here at Smilessence, we understand how important it is to have a great smile and offer a wide range of solutions to help achieve that. We appreciate how issues such as missing, misaligned or stained teeth can have a very detrimental impact on one’s self-confidence. This is our guide to how the dentist in Molesey can resolve these issues to allow our patients to feel great about their smile.

Dental implants

As the dentist in Molesey, we do not underestimate how devastating tooth loss can be. Losing one or even several teeth can occur at any age but becomes more common as we age. Many people struggle with the idea of getting older and having missing teeth can make that much harder to deal with.

In days gone by, the only solution to missing teeth was dentures. While these can still serve a purpose for some patients, many people today opt for the modern solution that is dental implants. These are a means of directly replacing the missing roots of the teeth to provide a stable and durable base for artificial teeth that are permanently fixed into place.

Teeth that have been replaced using implants look very natural, and the patient can enjoy complete confidence that their new teeth will remain in place whatever they are eating and when talking or laughing. These benefits often mean that the patient finds their self-esteem improves greatly as the smile looks and feels better than ever before.

Teeth straightening

Having teeth that are crooked, protruding or overcrowded is an issue that we have seen many times as the dentist in Molesey. We understand that these kinds of issues can prevent people from socialising, progressing in their careers and even smiling due to feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, having the teeth straightened is something that is no longer just for young people, and there is now a variety of options for patients of all ages.

For the patient who is concerned about others knowing that they are wearing braces, Invisalign may be a good choice. Invisalign is composed of sets of clear plastic trays that fit seamlessly over the teeth to help move them into a better position. The trays, which are called aligners, are completely invisible and changed every couple of weeks until the treatment is complete.

The patient who wishes to have their misaligned teeth corrected later in life may be concerned about spending long periods of time on orthodontic treatment. If this is a potential issue, then options such as the Inman aligner (which can deliver results in as little as one month) and six-month smiles can help the patient to get the smile they have always wanted within a very short time period.

Teeth whitening

Having teeth that are yellow and stained can have a negative impact on how a person feels about their smile. Teeth whitening can transform the smile from average and ageing to Hollywood grade within a couple of weeks with custom made trays along with whitening gel provided by us.

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