Family dentistry at its best

Family dentistry at its best

Have you moved to a new neighbourhood and require a family dental practitioner? Next to finding decent schools for your children and a doctor, finding a dentist in Molesey is an absolute priority.

As you may know, children form associations with the dentist at an early age. Ensure their experiences are positive, which in turn, will help them develop a healthy relationship well into their senior years.

We serve all members of our community at Smilessence, starting from tiny tots, through to their grandparents. Put your trust in us as we provide you with the best dental care.

What treatments are on offer at the dentist in Molesey?

  • Preventive dentistry

You’re never too young or too old to learn about the importance of dental care through routine check-ups at our clinic.

We’ll educate you and your children about why you should be looking after your teeth, and gums, what you can do to improve your cleaning regime, and what happens when you neglect your oral health entirely.

These check-ups also entail complete examinations of your mouth, scanning for dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. Screening for life-threatening diseases like oral cancer might also be administered if proven necessary. Finally, our oral hygienist will leave your teeth sparkling after a thorough clean and polish while removing harmful bacteria that hide in the small spaces of your mouth.

  • Teeth straightening

Braces are for everyone. Obtain your lifelong dream of possessing straighter teeth with an orthodontic device!  Our treatments vary according to your preferences and unique dental issues, ranging from Invisalign, through to Six Months Smiles.

  • Tooth implants

Unfortunately, tooth loss becomes a greater risk as you age. Undoubtedly, having gaps between your teeth is devastating, affecting your self-esteem and oral health, respectively. Dental implants are the most superior tooth replacement treatments existing.

The reason for their popularity and widespread use is because not only do they look like natural teeth, but they also function like real ones. One could go so far to say that dental implants have restorative qualities in so far as regenerating porous jawbone. The same can’t be said for other tooth replacement devices.

Regain the life you had before losing teeth with dental implants, without restricting what you eat or being let down by a faulty appliance.

  • Cosmetic procedures

The quickest smile transformation can be achieved with tooth whitening. Our cosmetic dentists use a teeth whitening system called Zoom. This lunchtime procedure lightens your teeth by several shades in just an hour. Home whitening kits are also available, allowing individuals to administer the procedure in the comfort of their homes, following careful and specific guidelines.

Please note that while the procedure is tried and tested, you may experience some discomfort following having your teeth whitened. If you have gum issues or teeth sensitivity, first have them treated or inquire whether teeth whitening is possible with your condition.

Our aesthetics services extend beyond dental work, as we also offer a range of facial rejuvenation treatment, including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. With us, you will look years younger with perfect teeth and smooth, radiant skin.

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