Telescopic Over Denture

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Telescopic over-dentures provide the ideal solution when you only have a limited number of remaining teeth for support. The fact that telescopic denture distribute the chewing pressure over the remaining teeth means that these teeth are preserved and the denture is very stable. Telescopic Dentures are also suitable for people:
  • Whose gums or jaw bones are no longer in optimal condition
  • Who have some remaining teeth
  • Cannot afford multiple dental implants to restore large gaps in the mouth
  • Are unable to have dental implants or do not like the thought of Dental implants
  • Would like a more stable firmer denture
  • To have no visible metal parts showing on their denture
Telescopic prostheses can be made to look so naturally aesthetic that there is no noticeable difference between them and real teeth. They are so comfortable to wear and feel so secure in the mouth that you could experience a whole new lease of life!
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