Inman Aligner Braces

Smilessence introduces the new revolutionary Inman Aligner. It straightens teeth in approximately a month and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional treatment.

Inman aligners are a type of orthodontic appliance that can straighten or move your teeth to their desirable position. While the standard brace can take more than 2 years to create the perfect smile, the new spring-loaded device takes between four and 16 weeks to nudge teeth back to where they belong. The aligners are restricted to the level of movement that they can achieve and generally work better on misalignment’s of the upper and lower front teeth and are not suitable for cases where the teeth are heavily crowded for example. Therefore the Inman aligner is limited to really mild to moderate realignment.

How The Aligner Works

The mechanics consist of a series of coiled springs which sit at the back of the teeth, pushing them forward, while a thin plastic bar across the front of the teeth exerts pressure in the opposite direction. Careful adjustment of the opposing forces

 brings the gentlest of pressure to bear in the desired direction, depending on the problem to be corrected.

Unlike the Invisalign system the Inman Aligner is not entirely clear and has a visible metal/acrylic bar which shows across the front of the teeth. However, the Inman aligner does have many of the benefits that the invisible braces system does.

A Faster Solution

The Inman aligner can also achieve rapid orthodontics with some treatments being possible in as little as 6 weeks! The speed of the results is highly dependent on how long you wear the appliance for each day. With the Inman aligner you have the option of not wearing the appliance, however, the longer you wear it the quicker the results are. It is recommended that you wear the aligner for around 20 hours a day, every day, if possible

inman aligner before


inman aligner after 1 to 9 weeks

After 9 Weeks

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