Why visit our family dentist for preventive dental care

Why visit our family dentist for preventive dental care

If you are looking for a dentist in Molesey where patient satisfaction is made a top priority, then you couldn’t choose better than our Smilessence dental practice. Choosing us as your go-to dental care provider for you and your family’s oral health needs will ensure that you and all your loved ones have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for life.

Children, in particular, have a great need for routine dental care at the hands of a kind and patient dentist in Molesey. Cavities and tooth decay are two of the most common dental issues affecting children. Next to this are issues surrounding how well permanent teeth are formed and developed once baby teeth have fallen out.

Elderly adults, too, are in need of special dental attention. It has been found that the loss of teeth and poor fitting dental prosthetics can lead to a number of undesirable challenges for elderly patients. They are at increased risk of malnutrition that results out of the inability to eat and chew confidently and the discomforts of not having a full set of adult teeth can make them less willing to engage in social engagements.

Poor dental health can detract from quality of living standards for patients across the age spectrum. This is a foremost reason why having a dentist in Molesey with qualifications and professional experience in preventive dentistry is of critical importance. We take a look at the role of preventive dentistry in dental care.

Benefits of preventive dentistry

  • Identify life-reducing conditions

It may come as a surprise to patients, but dentists have long known of the link between poor oral health and physical health. Adverse oral health has been linked to life-threatening diseases such as coronary-related conditions. Preventive dentistry measures including routine oral health checks can also play a role in minimising the occurrences of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Keep self-confidence levels high

Dental appointments with a view to preventive care work have a positive impact on self-esteem and confidence. With unwanted dental issues such as bad breath kept at bay and teeth health protecting bright smiles, patients are more confident when it comes to their personal and professional personas.

  • Preventive care saves money

This benefit may not be immediately apparent but remains true when considering how adverse dental conditions (that may have been prevented with preventive dentistry) can escalate into complex issues that are a drain on the pocket to treat. Not to mention that such treatment plans are most often long drawn out.

  • Get much-needed advice on most suitable dental products

With the staggering number of dental products available over the counter, it is no wonder that many patients feel overwhelmed choosing the product they need. At our dental clinic, we are happy to assist patients in identifying those reliably approved products that are most suitable for their individual needs. A dental appointment is also the opportune time to ask our dentist about best practice oral hygiene techniques and what, if any, changes need to be made to diet and lifestyle to protect oral health.

At Smilessence we go to great lengths to deliver an unmatched dental service and top quality dental care. Please reach out to our friendly reception desk to book an appointment with one of our competent and caring dentists.

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