Why choose our dentist in Molesey?

Why choose our dentist in Molesey?

At our dental clinic within Molesey, we understand that choosing a dental surgery to receive any form of dental treatment (whether this be general routine dentistry, or more complex restorative dental work) can be difficult. This is why we aim to deliver a high standard of dental care by our excellent dental team, all within a clean, modern, and relaxed dental environment. In addition to the fantastic level of dental care we offer all of our patients, we also embrace variety.

The wide array of treatments available at our dentist in Molesey

At our dentist in Molesey we understand that all of our patients have unique dental cases, which means that they may all require different treatments. Our surgery believes that our patients should never have to compromise on the quality and quantity of their chosen treatment, which is why we provide both! Aside from our restorative treatments (such as dental implants) and the cosmetic dental care we provide, we also offer orthodontic work.

What are braces?

Braces (formally referred to within the field of dentistry as orthodontics) are a dental treatment which aims to realign the position of the teeth within the mouth, therefore producing a straighter smile. At our clinic within Molesey we wish to accommodate the demand for subtle forms of orthodontics, which is why we provide Inman aligners, Six Month Smiles, and clear aligners to help you to achieve the best possible results.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign could be argued as the largest brand provider of clear aligners within the United Kingdom. Clear aligners are essentially transparent plastic trays which are replaced every several weeks, in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move in a positive position. Patients who may wish to receive Invisalign may feel as if obvious dental work (such as metal wires and brackets) may result in a decreased level of self-confidence, as well as a hindrance to their professional and social lives.

Are braces right for me?

If you are an individual who is suffering from crooked, irregularly spaced, or front protruding teeth, then orthodontic braces could be the solution. At our dental clinic we offer a wide array of braces, helping our patients find the right fit for them and their unique dental case.

A dental service you can trust

Within the modern field of dentistry there is huge competition, and patient testimonials are therefore becoming even more valued. Located on our website, we offer our potential patients the chance to view previous reviews (also commonly referred to as ‘testimonials’). We believe our excellent patient testimonials are a credit to the high standard of dental care we provide, however we always encourage our patients to visit our website and see for themselves!

A look at your future smile

Located on our website we also display many case studies of our previous patients pre and post treatment smiles. These before and after photos allow our patients to take a look at their potential smile, viewing their possible dental results, and therefore deciding which dental treatment is right for them.

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