What is cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental work has risen dramatically in popularity within recent years and works primarily on improving the physical appearance of a patient’s smile. Aside from improving a patient’s aesthetic appearance (such as lifting staining of the teeth) cosmetic dentistry can also aid the function of a patient’s mouth.

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry at your dentist in Molesey?

Yes! In addition to offering routine family dental care (such as dental check-ups), and orthodontic work (such as clear aligners), we also provide cosmetic dental treatments.

A healthier, and happier smile

Despite common misconceptions within the field of dentistry, cosmetic care does not only consist of tooth whitening (which we happen to offer at our dental clinic). It also entails porcelain crowns and cosmetic dentures. Many cosmetic treatments such as crown work can help restore the function of the patient’s teeth, as well as looking great!

What are porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns are considered a form of cosmetic dentistry at our clinic within Molesey and aim to replicate the natural tooth that is lost within the mouth. A missing tooth can make it extremely difficult or even uncomfortable for patients to eat, drink, and brush their teeth normally, which is why it is so important to get them replaced.

Embracing modern dental technology

At our clinic we never shy away from the recent advancements within modern dental technology. Our crowns and veneers are created using our brand new cerec three dimensional design system. Our in-house treatment system means our dental healthcare professionals can create your custom made crown or veneer within just one session to the dentist.

How to pay for your chosen dental treatment

Many of our patients may be certain that they wish to receive dental care at our dental clinic, however they may be unsure of how to pay for their chosen treatment. At our dental clinic within Molesey we aim to allow patients of all financial backgrounds to receive our bespoke dental services. Despite many of our patients wishing to pay for their treatment upfront, a monthly payment plan may be better suited for many, and is therefore something we offer at our dentist in Molesey.

Finding the right payment plan for you

At our clinic we treat every dental case as unique, tailor-making all of our dental plans for each individual dental case, which therefore does not exclude our financial plans. Our monthly finance options allow our patients to avoid a hefty upfront cost, as well as spreading the cost over an extended time period.

Do I have to pay interest?

No! At our dentist in Molesey we only ever ask our patients to pay for the treatment they have received, and their treatment only. Our zero percent finance plans are perfect for patients who do not want to pay interest on top of the cost of their treatment.

Are you interested in 0% interest free credit?

We’re not surprised! If this does sound like something that could work for you financially then feel free to contact a member of our dental team. Many of our patients may wish to know more information, and if this is the case then feel free to drop us an email, or even call us directly (our telephone number is located on our website).

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