Trust an expert dentist in East Molesey to guide you towards a brighter smile

Trust an expert dentist in East Molesey to guide you towards a brighter smile

A service you can depend on

Here at Smilessence, we’ve always striven to be a dentist in East Molesey that offers the most innovative and up-to-date treatments and cosmetic dental care. This is delivered within an environment in which the patients feel comfortable, relaxed and informed throughout every point of their dental journey with us.

We know that getting regular dental care and cosmetic treatment may not have been priority number one for many over the last year, but there has never been a better time than right now to get in touch with us and arrange to get the attention that you deserve from an expert that you can rely on.

What can a dentist in East Molesey do for me?

When we treat patients at our practice, we always try to take an individualistic and tailored approach. We never treat each patient exactly the same, but always adapt our services so that the treatment we provide is perfectly matched to a patient’s unique needs.

If you already have a clear notion of what dental treatments you would like done, or if you are unsatisfied with how your smile looks in some way – such as the shade of your teeth or the visibility of any gaps – then you ought to speak with our dentist in East Molesey about the treatment you are interested in and see what we can do.

Alternatively, for those out there who are unsure about what treatments are best suited to their needs, or are unhappy with how their smile looks, but can’t quite put a finger on why or how to solve it, then you should arrange for consultation and examination with our expert dentist.

That way our practitioner can carry out a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your dental health, as well as identify any cosmetic work which may be of use to you, such as dental implants or cosmetic orthodontics such as Invisalign.

Once our practitioners have made an assessment of your oral health they can then explain to you what your various options are in regard to treatment, as well as explain the costs and timeframes of each procedure in a clear and upfront way.

What are cosmetic orthodontic aligners?

Having a crooked or out-of-line smile is one of the most common problems which patients voice to us here at our practice and we are often surprised at the proportion of people out there who are unaware of the alternative cosmetic solutions available to metallic traditional braces – which adults are often dissuaded from getting due to their high visibility.

One such alternative which we offer our patients here are the Invisalign dental retainers. These offer a solution to crooked teeth which does not call for any invasive treatments or for anything to be bonded or fixed within your mouth.

Rather, the Invisalign method simply uses a series of individually crafted plastic dental aligners which are moulded specifically around every patient’s unique tooth shape. These aligners are transparent, and therefore slip entirely out of sight when worn – and can be removed whenever the patient chooses, making them a far more discreet and comfortable way to address crooked teeth.

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