Temporary crown? No more at our dentist in Molesey

Temporary crown? No more at our dentist in Molesey

Did you ever have a temporary crown or filling? If you’re of a certain age, you might even be able to remember the wax putty ones! Well, they’re all gone at our dentist in Molesey thanks to on-site fabrication! Yes, we can literally make teeth while you wait!

Traditionally, when an oral prosthetic is required, we would have taken an impression of the relevant area and would send those impressions off to a dental laboratory, who would either fill the order using the impression to show the interface or use this with their standard templates to assemble the tooth or tooth component. We would also send a set of images for enamel and translucency matching.

This meant that whenever a patient needed a crown, there would be inevitable delay between preparing the tooth for receiving the artificial component and the artificial component to be fitted.   To give patients a feeling of comfort and allow them to function in between the two sessions, we would have installed a temporary filling or crown. These temporary fixes have never been popular with patients or us, adding to the workload and with a high rate of failure, they often result in patients having to come back to get them patched up in between sessions.

CEREC on-site fabrication

This standard process has since been streamlined, and now we can complete crowns in a single session thanks to our capacity to fabricate on site. And we don’t even have to take dental moulds; instead by using a set of 3D scanners, we can create a model of your teeth and then design the complete oral prosthetic to interface with them. Having that design produced by an automated milling machine in the clinic, our CEREC, allows us to do this.

At our dentist in Molesey we can create the crown you need, allowing more of your natural tooth to be saved and not constraining us to the industry standard of grinding pre-existing teeth down to a peg of a set diameter.

The blanks of compressed porcelain which are the feedstock for the CEREC are much stronger than the standard layered porcelain used in dental laboratories. Coming in a wide range of shades, we can match your natural enamel.  With inlays, veneers and crowns possible and highly personalised to each and every case, we can conduct a full smile makeover in a single session. This is a level of convenience that is rarely seen at a local clinic. With no more issues of badly fitting prosthetics having to be sent back and forth between clinic and laboratory, the process is simpler, faster and cheaper.

If you’re interested in how our site fabrication could help you or a family member, please feel free to get in contact with Smilessence, your dentist in Molesey. We are currently accepting new patients and would be more than happy to hear from you.  We also offer a range of zero interest credit options in order to spread the costs of any treatment, making them more available, as quality dentistry should not be limited by exclusivity.

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