How to move forward, leaving dental anxiety behind

How to move forward, leaving dental anxiety behind

We see lots of patients who suffer from dental anxiety, and we want to reassure all our patients that it is fine to worry about visiting the dentist. Lots of people pick up on uncomfortable feelings surrounding the dentist from family when they’re growing up, plus we frequently see negative portrayals of the dentist through the media. Often the things we worry about are actually not things to stress about at all, and over time, working alongside our team at Smilessence to dismantle your dental worries can lead to a much easier, healthier relationship with the dentist chair. But to start the process off, here are all the things you can do to help soften the process.

Top tips on alleviating dental anxiety

Come and see the practice

Making yourself acquainted with a new space can really help arm against worrying about being in unfamiliar surroundings. There’s no need to make a stressful situation worse by adding a layer of anxiety on entering a new environment. The team here will be more than happy to meet you ahead of time and you could even speak to our dentist in Molesey ahead of your appointment to have any questions you may harbour answered.

Book an early morning slot

Come and see us early in the morning, you don’t need to spend a whole day worrying about your appointment and have the constant niggle in the back of your mind. An early appointment means it is all sorted and out of the way before you even know it.

Don’t come alone

Bring a friend or family member, it’s honestly acceptable to bring along a loved one. We don’t mind and actually really enjoy our patients bringing extended family. Having a familiar face in times of worry can really help ease your feelings.

Talk to us

Now this might sound obvious, but many people have these worrying feelings they find difficult to talk about, but trust us – our dentist in Molesey has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to dental anxiety. They will happily and very easily be able to talk you through your concerns.

Have some control

Work with our dentist in Molesey to find a hand signal to communicate for them to stop what they’re doing. Having a little bit of control over what’s happening can make patients feel much more comfortable in the chair and it’s a really simple way to combat anxiety.

Bring distractions

We really won’t mind or be in any way offended if you want to pop on an eye cover and listen to some music whilst the procedure is happening, lots of people find distraction techniques really helpful when they find themselves in the dentist chair. So hear those sound waves and take the time to drift off to some exotic beach in your imagination.

If you or a family member are worried about visiting the dentist please do get in contact via telephone or over the web, one of the team is always on hand to help support patients when needed.

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