Can you really expect a better smile within 6 months from your dentist in Molesey?

Can you really expect a better smile within 6 months from your dentist in Molesey?

Is it really too much to ask for an effective tooth straightening treatment that’s also fast? Well no apparently. Here at Smilessence, we are able to offer the treatment six month smiles. What is it you may ask? Short term ortho, or short term orthodontic treatments are a fast result treatment involving clear braces or retainers, and yes this can be as little as 6 months. How do they accomplish this? Let’s take a look at exactly how. They are designed to target issues that are clearly visible, primarily the front teeth that are clearly visible when you smile or laugh. It comes up a lot when you start looking into the options for teeth correction and for good reason we think. It’s a great treatment with effective results available from your dentist in Molesey.

The intuitive clear appearance

Clear bracket braces and aligners that are practically invisible mean that the off putting and to some unsightly appearance of traditional braces is done away with. They work in a similar way to each other in that they gradually align your teeth over the period of your treatment time. You will be given a new set or have your braces adjusted over time to get you to your end goal within 6 months. As a discreet option these devices are becoming more and more popular. The braces are fixed to clear brackets that are then connected using wires that are the same colour as your teeth so again these are barely noticeable. The retainers work differently but to the same extent are very discreet. They are invisible almost and fit over your teeth to readjust your teeth to their desired position. Some people have even commented that friends and family were completely unaware that they were even undergoing treatment.

Quicker than others

Yes maybe it’s obvious but a huge plus side for 6 months smiles is the time frame that you have on treatment. These 6 months can make a great impact on your smile and therefore as mentioned before boost your confidence no end. This course of treatment offered by your dentist in Molesly focuses on the most visible teeth and corrects them effectively, this can cut treatment time compared to other more traditional orthodontic treatments by more than half.

It corrects a multitude of issues

This effective treatment plan covers a host of potential orthodontic issues such as;

Overly spaced teeth where gaps appear too large between the teeth.

Crowding of the teeth, this is where the teeth are too close together and crowd the gums for space causing an overlap at times.

An open bite. This is when you bite down and your teeth do not meet up for some reason.

An underbite. Does your lower jaw protrude past your top row of teeth? Then this is potentially an underbite which can be correct with 6 month smiles.

Overjet is when the front teeth protrude.

This is not a definitive list and if you have one or more of these or perhaps even a different issue you would like to discuss with your dentist in Molesly then call our team at Smilessence today.

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