Are you missing out on all that a dentist in Molesey could do for you?

Are you missing out on all that a dentist in Molesey could do for you?

Care, with a smile

Here at Smileesence, we are a dentist in Molesey who believes that having a strong, well-founded relationship with our patients is one of the principal duties of a good quality dentist. By making it our goal to get to know each of our patients on an individual and professional basis, we have found that many patients feel far more comfortable and at ease throughout their treatment and that they are more involved with each step of their treatment.

We tailor each procedure which we offer to meet the specific and unique requirements of every patient and do all that we can to make them feel informed, prepared and relaxed prior to undergoing any course of treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry solutions

One of the most rapidly growing fields of treatment, in regards to their popularity and increased patient awareness, is cosmetic dentistry solutions. These cover a wide range of different procedures that can span from minimally invasive to complete dental surgery. What connects these various procedures is that all have been specifically engineered to eradicate one or more superficial, cosmetic problems that patients often have.

We are a dentist in Molesey who recognises the growing social influences which many are exposed to, and believe that this may be one rationale behind the recent rise in patient interest in certain cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening or discreet orthodontics. As a dentist in Molesey, we feel it is our duty to make each of our patients happy, and to see an improvement in both their smiles and their self-confidence after they leave our practice.

What is discreet orthodontics?

Most people are most likely to be aware of what conventional, fused metal braces look like. Whether from past experiences or just their popularity, the majority of people out there have seen traditional braces in the past. Orthodontics of this nature work through the bonding of a series of brackets to the front and back of a patient’s teeth. Tension is then applied to these brackets through a metal connecting wire, which gradually moves them into their proper space and ultimately makes the person’s smile straighter.

Whilst this may be common knowledge, many are still in the dark about the newer alternative orthodontic solutions which do not require anything to be bonded to the patient’s teeth at all and don’t obstruct how they look in any way.

The Invisalign process

One such method of discreet orthodontics, which we offer to patients here at Smileesence, is the Invisalign retainer system. Unlike conventional, fixed braces, the Invisalign system consists of just one removable retainer and therefore requires nothing to be attached to the patient’s teeth. This retainer is crafted from a digital or physical impression of every patient’s unique dental structure and shape.

Within this retainer there are positions that apply a targeted amount of force to the desired teeth. This force, over the duration of the treatment, gradually and gently nudges the crooked teeth together. One of the main appeals of Invisalign, and the aspect which makes it a ‘discreet’ treatment, is that – as each retainer is made to perfectly slip over each patients teeth, and as it is transparent – when it is worn it becomes almost entirely invisible and undetectable.

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