Teeth Whitening

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With 95% of the population wanting whiter teeth, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. Smilessence is pleased to offer the latest in teeth whitening techniques and products.

We offer 3 different teeth whitening packages to suit everyone’s whitening requirements and budget:


zoom advanced power whiteningZoom advanced power teeth whitening system is as featured on smile makeover TV shows such as Extreme makeover and 10 years younger. Using this latest laser teeth whitening system we can lighten your teeth by several shades in just over an hour. Zoom is a popular lunch time treatment for many executives working locally in central London. This is a one visit procedure which is carried out in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Enjoy this treatment at Smilessence watching television or even bring in your own DVD. An hour later you will leave with a beautiful white smile.

It is quick easy and has fantastic results. This is an impressive way to enhance your smile instantly in 1 visit or even before you get married.

Visit the Zoom Advanced Power Website http://www.zoomnow.com


Smilessence offers you a home whitening Kit of which you can take home the next day. Different concentrations of whitening gel are available at Smilessence. These are 10%, 16%, 22% and the concentration given depends on the individual’s whitening needs. Upon consultation Dr Karen Gangotra will assess your teeth and then decide which procedure and gel concentration best suits your needs and requirements.

Custom made trays are made after taking a detailed impression of your teeth. These trays are then tried in the mouth for accuracy and comfort. Gel is placed in the trays and seated over the teeth for up to 3 hours a day or overnight. Excellent results are usually achieved within 10/14 days.


Do you want your teeth as white as they could possibly be? Off the scale!!! Then the Smilessence ultimate teeth whitening package may be for you. This takes advantage of both whitening systems to give you a dazzling white smile. It involves 14 days of Professional Smilessence home whitening followed by 1 or 2 Zoom Advanced Power laser whitening sessions. This option achieves by far the best
whitening results we have seen at Smilessence. The combination therapy is particularly successful in whitening teeth that have been permanently stained by tetracycline antibiotics.

Download a PDF on Teeth Whitening.


Single tooth whitening client 1 before


Single tooth whitening client 1 after


Dr Karen Gangotra is also able to brighten up the colour of a single dead tooth.
Please call for more information on 020 8941 6999

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